Sunday, November 08, 2009

Chikungunya Outbreak Hit Songkhla

I've been read article about chikungunya outbreak in Songkhla.

Chikungunya outbreak hit Songkhla with over 6,300 patients
Songkhla - A total of 6,379 people caught the insect-borne Chikungunya virus since the beginning of this year, a senior public health official said Wednesday.

Doctor Sanphet Ritthiraksa, a specialist on preventive medicine of the Songkhla Public Health Office, said the 6,379 Chikungunya patients were detected from January 1 to April 27.

Their number breakdowns to 3,007 patients in Sabayoi district, 1,387 patients in Sadao district, 328 patients in Thepha district and 314 patients in Nathawee district.

He admitted that it was difficult to control the outbreak because of mosquitoes in rubber plantations and frequent rains in the province.

You can read this news at The Nation.

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